If a man decides to get tattooed, there are guys tattoos from which he can make his selection and also numerous body parts to place it. You may already have decided on which body part you want to get inked so now it’s time to consider what design to go for. On the other hand, you may have a design in mind but are unsure where on your body it would be best suited.

Guys Tattoos Armband designs around the upper arm are a common choice for many guys and one of the main reasons this is so popular is because guys like to show off their biceps. You will definitely draw attention to your muscular arms by getting a tattoo on them. It is also convenient to cover with sleeves if you need to conceal it rather than display it. One of the most common designs chosen for this area is the tribal armband which wraps right around the arm and these tattoo designs work well with muscular biceps.
Many men also choose the back to get tattooed as it is such a great canvas which gives your tattooist plenty of room to work on if you want to go for a large design. Again these can be conveniently covered with clothing if you are somewhere that tattoos may be considered inappropriate. Popular choices for designs in this area include Japanese style art work, large lettering and slim tattoos that run down the length of the back.

Another common area to find guys tattoos is the shoulder as this can start off as a small design or symbol and later expanded into a half of full sleeve design if the wearer wants to add to his original tattoo. A small tattoo looks good on its own particularly with text or a Chinese sign, that signifies something or someone special to us, perhaps even as a memorial to a loved one. Again, tribal patterns look good on or around the shoulder area.

Guys Tattoos For those guys fortunate enough to have ripped Pecs, the chest has got to be his area of choice for a tattoo. Not only will this draw attention to the chest but also to the rest of the upper body area. Popular designs often start on one side and extend up to the neck, across the shoulder, down the arm or even extend right across from one side to the other. Also, as the chest is where the heart is contained, this organ’s symbol is also a common choice.

There really are so many locations to choose from and so many designs available for guys tattoos today however the most common placements tend to be on the shoulder, chest, back and arm. The designs vary greatly depending on the body part, but there are plenty of ideas around to help you make up your mind and find the ideal one to suit you.

The Tattoo Creator has some of the best ideas and also gives you access to some of the biggest collections of award winning designs created. Whether you want a manly tattoo or something deep and meaningful, you can log on to the internet from the comfort of your own home and browse to your hearts content. So, if you really want to get a tattoo then make sure you do plenty of research and you will be sure to find inspiration for a truly awesome tattoo that will suit you perfectly. Then all you need to do is find a reputable tattoo parlour and professional tattooist, print your design off and you’re ready to get started.

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