Calf Tattoos For Guys

There are many popular body parts for placement of masculine tattoo designs and the leg has been a favorite for many, however calf tattoos for guys in particular are a really hot trend at the moment. These look really cool, especially in the summer when you can display them more openly by wearing shorts or swimwear but are also easy to cover up with longer trousers in colder months or when you need to conceal it for work perhaps.

Calf Tattoos For Guys This particular location, offers a variety of different designs that are suitable either as large, medium or small body art. However, it is worth bearing in mind if you are a larger guy with a more muscular physique that this will give your tattooist a bigger canvas to work on so a larger tattoo would look better to cover most of the skin on this area. One of the most popularly requested calf tattoos for guys is the tribal design which looks both cool and masculine but also makes a strong visual impact. There is something very sexy but also mystical about tribal patterns when used as body art so if you are looking for one to increase your powers of seduction this could be the one for you. The ladies can’t resist a guy with a tribal tattoo as it exudes masculinity, power, strength and leadership but many of these designs are highly symbolic too. You will find a vast choice of artwork from cultures around the world including Hawaiian, Maori, Samoan and Tonga tribes so you will have plenty of choices to select from.

Calf Tattoos For Guys Celtic tattoo designs are also popular for guys looking to get inked on their legs, particularly on the lower calf however hot favorites at the moment also include elaborate skull, flames and barbed wire designs that cover most of the skin. These particular designs are the leg’s equivalent to the arm’s sleeve tattoo designs and this looks set to be a massive trend in the year ahead. Animal designs are also popular here, in particular big cats such as the tiger, lion, panther or jaguar in plain monochrome using only dark ink color or in multi-colored designs that resemble miniature works of art. However if you opt for the latter, it is probably best to stick with more manly colors in deep, rich shades as brightly colored tattoos often tend to look more feminine. Finally, there is one really important factor to remember before you proceed with calf tattoos for guys and that is the pain factor. I am reliably informed that this is one of the most painful places to get tattooed so if you have any qualms about the pain involved, you may want to reconsider your choice of location and opt for an alternative location.

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