Anyone who is born between July 23 and August 22 is a Leo, based on the western astrological calendar. These are very lively individuals who love to socialize and be in the thick of things, in other words, the life and soul of the party! Leos also love a sense of drama so it is not surprising that Leo tattoos for guys tend to be just like them bold and theatrical in style. Fortunately there are many great tattoo designs featuring this zodiac sign so let us take a look at some of these ideas in more detail.

Leo Tattoos For GuysLeos are often associated with the mighty lion and those born under this star sign will share similar traits with the king o the jungle. Leos love to live life to the full, so it is natural that many will choose this majestic beast to incorporate into a tattoo design that they will be proud to have on display and show off to all who come into contact with them. These designs may have the lion posed with the wind blowing through its magnificent mane or even wearing a crown, which will definitely appeal to many Leos. Zodiac signs all come under one of four main elements which are earth, water, air and fire. Leos are of course, ruled by the element of fire so you may consider incorporating flames into Leo tattoos for guys as this not only looks good but has close connotations for you personally.

There are many great designs featuring fire and flame which look very attractive due to the power of the detail in the lines used and the bright colors chosen to bring the flame to life. One design that is popular with guys features flames literally extending from the wrist up and around the arm which makes a stunning visual impression which will work well with Leo’s flair for the dramatic. In addition Leo’s ruling planet is the sun and there are a wealth of beautiful designs featuring this celestial body in more abstract tribal styles or in more detailed very beautiful pieces of art work with a face or multiple rays ‘shining’ from it. The sun is a strong bold symbol that will stand out on any skin, making it perfect for showy Leos in particular.

Leo Tattoos For GuysApart from all this cool imagery that can be incorporated into Leo tattoos for guys, the astrological symbol used to represent the zodiac sign for Leo makes a great design on its own. This is a U-shaped figure which resembles a snake that can look good as a single design on its own or combined with any other imagery too. Picture this against a backdrop of flames, with a sun rising above it or next to a mighty lion – this will definitely give your tattoo kudos so it is worth using your imagination to see what you can do with this idea. Alternatively, if none of these suggestions are giving you the inspiration you desire how about getting a written tattoo as this is one hot trend that will help you stand out from the crowd. With so many different fonts and script styles to choose from you can have as many or as few words as you want. The key however is to have the words beautifully written, even if it is simply the word Leo, but these also work well in conjunction with other tattoo designs and images also. Astrological and Zodiac related signs and symbolism are not just for men, as many women find these really attractive and are drawn to them too. While a man’s chosen design will more than likely be a masculine one, women may choose to have flower’s entwined in their lion’s man to make it more feminine and softer for them and that is the beauty of this great design. It is extremely versatile and can be done in a variety of different styles and designs that are guaranteed to suit both genders whatever their zodiac sign.

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